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SITI Company in San Francisco
Viewpoints & Suzuki Workshops  with Barney O’Hanlon 
One Day Introduction: Sunday, August 4
Five Day Intensive: Monday - Friday, August 5-9

FoolsFURY is pleased to bring back Anne Bogart’s SITI Company for a week-long workshop in Viewpoints and Suzuki! We are especially excited to have SITI company member Barney O'Hanlon as our instructor. Whether you’re a seasoned professional using the Viewpoints and Suzuki techniques in your own work, or a student new to physical ensemble forms, we have the workshop to build your skills.

Learn more about SITI Company and the Suzuki and Viewpoints methods.

Instructor Barney O’Hanlon

Instructor Barney O’Hanlon

New or in need of a brush up? Enroll in the one-day introductory workshop. Want to deepen or return to your Viewpoints/Suzuki practice? Register for the five-day evening intensive.

Early Bird Rates good through June 7, 2019. After that, prices will rise to $120 for the One Day Intro, $475 for the Five Day Intensive, and $550 for the package of both.

You can hold any rate for a $75 deposit (non-refundable). After purchasing, we will contact you to verify which rate we are holding for you. You can also reach us at with questions or confirmation.

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One-Day Introduction in Viewpoints & Suzuki & Community Reception presented by foolsFURY

Sunday, August 4th, 2019, 1:30 - 6 PM
Little Boxes Theater, 1661 Tennessee St, San Francisco, CA 94107
With Instructor Barney O’Hanlon

Get back to the basics. This 1-day introductory/review workshop is appropriate for the new student of these disciplines, or any returning student looking to brush up on the fundamentals of Viewpoints and Suzuki training. This introductory/review day counts as prerequisite to the 5-day intensive.

Five-Day Intensive Viewpoints & Suzuki Intensive

Monday - Friday August 5-9, 6-10pm
Little Boxes Theater, 1661 Tennessee St, San Francisco, CA 94107
with Instructor Barney O’Hanlon

Dig deeper. Expand your expressive range. Surprise yourself. Learn more about Suzuki, Viewpoints and the capacity of your mind and body.

Explore the most up to date SITI training practices with greater depth, ensemble skills and tools for applying physical training with text. Suitable for professional and pre-professional students and anyone with prior Suzuki and Viewpoints training. Intro day counts as prerequisite to the 5-day intensive. We will be learning the new Suzuki 1-6 Basics as practiced by the Tadashi Suzuki Company and SITI Company, as well as using individual text as it relates to The Viewpoints.