Workshop Details, Guidelines, and Etiquette

Schedule for the Five Day Intensive
Suzuki: 6 - 7:50pm
Viewpoints 8 - 9:50pm

ARRIVE: 15 minutes early to warm yourself up and get comfortable in the studio. Classes will begin promptly. Food, socializing and chatting unrelated to the training are encouraged at breaks. Water is okay to have in the studio.

PREPARE: If you are enrolled in either the 1-day introduction or the 5-day Intensive, you will be asked to memorize a text beforehand. Click here to download. In the provided text, the slash marks indicate where and when to breathe. Do not work on emphasis or emotion, simply memorize the words and breath timing. In addition, bring in 10 lines of any other text memorized for the Viewpoints portion of the workshop.

RIGOR: Students should be advised that the classes demand physical agility and endurance. Some conditioning prior to the workshop is recommended. We expect you to take proper care of your own body within the constraints the training presents. Modify if needed. Please contact Debórah at if you have any questions/concerns.

BRING: A water bottle, a snack or small meal (we will have a short break but there wont be time to run out to grab something,) and a notebook if you wish to take notes.

TAKING NOTES: It is necessary that all note taking be done at the break or after class.

ATTIRE: Come to class dressed to move for diverse range of movement. NO jeans, dresses or skirts.

Shorts, tights, or leggings are necessary. During Suzuki, students will be required to wear socks during the class and should wear clothing that shows the contours of the legs and upper body, (e.g. no baggy sweats or flowing movement pants.) You may also wear Japanese tabi. These can be purchased at the hardware store in SFs Japantown, but it is not required (socks are fine.) Bring layers of clothing. Viewpoints classes will be conducted in bare feet.

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