Big Love
by Charles Mee

Directed by: Laley Lippard
Produced by: Angela Bush
Dates: ????
Location: ????

Charles Mee’s tempestuous retelling of the myth of Danaids, 50 Greek daughters forced against their will, their 50 cousins. When force to marry the women make a murderous pact, and the marriage ceremony erupts into a dance of sex, cake, and carnage. Mee’s expansive, fractured, exploration, blends perfectly with foolsFURY’s fierce, physical style. “With Mee the playwright is suddenly part of the ensemble, and our conversation leave room for a foolsFURY answer that quickens the pulses,” says director Laley Lippard.


“I can’t think of another local company that’s aiming so high.”
—San Francisco Weekly (Big Love)

“FoolsFURY does a true service in introducing this singular voice to our coast.”
—Village Voice




Linda Ayres Frederick
Davina Cohen
Teana David
Silvia Girardi
Brian Livingston
Rebecca Martin
Norman Munoz
Ryan O’Donnell
Baruch Porras-Hernandez
Josiah Polhemus

Design & Production 

Scenic Design – Sean Riley
Sound Design – Patrick Kaliski
Costume Design – Ambra Sultzbaugh
Lighting Design – David Szlasa
Stage Manager – Amanda Melton
Technical Director – Spencer Evans