All You Can Eat
by ????

Directed by: ????
Created by: the foolsFURY Ensemble ????
Produced by:
Location: ????

Theater mavericks foolsFURY explore The American Dream through the eyes and thighs of the rock band All You Can Eat on the first night of their comeback tour.  Our culture is shot through with puritanical constructs of what is clean and what is dirty – with ubiquitous hand sanitizers and oddly dehumanized pornography. In this strange, sterile, space we are left idolize the spit we catch from our rock and roll gods. Who better to indulge our senses, bash the rules, and satiate our primal hungers than our favorite arbiters of Id? Digging at once into themes of excess, hygiene and security, All You Can Eat (the comeback tour) grapples with the seething confusion and contradiction of values and entitlement that precariously coexist in contemporary American culture.

All You Can Eat (the comeback tour) is the exclusive pre-show/backstage pass to the reunion concert of one of our generation’s momentous groups. All You Can Eat broke up at the height of its popularity, throwing its original relevance into question. Can the band rekindle the fire and reclaim its brilliance?  Voyeur-like, the audience gets to watch as the inevitable soap opera of yearning and struggle unfolds in the hour before the concert begins.

An original collaboration by writer/director Steve Morgan Haskell and the foolsFURY ensemble, All You Can Eat (the comeback tour) is an exciting blend of foolsFURY’s style of “sheer kinetic energy and rigorous physical vocabulary” (SF Bay Guardian) and Haskell’s trademark of “subversive and innovative” (LA Weekly) work that is “combative, arty and uncompromising.” (LA Times).


Nora El Samahy*
Debórah Eliezer
Michelle Haner*
Morgan Albrecht Haskell,
Csilla Horvath Lewis,
Brian Livingston
Ryan O’Donnell
Tracy Welsh.

Design & Production 

Kaibrina Sky Buck
Heather Basarab
Original paintings and card cover by Matt Sesow

*member Actors’ Equity Association