Out At Sea / The Party Polish
by Slawomir Mrozek

Directed by: Ben Yalom (Out at Sea) and Rod Hipskind (The Party)
Dates: ????
Location: ????

Absurdist playwright’s Slawomir Mrozek’s disturbing commentary on politics, power, and sacrifice matched foolsFURY’s distinctive blend of energy and physical comedy perfectly. Ultimately it becomes both a simple clown show, and a powerful rumination about man’s eternal power.


”Witty, perfectly constructed.” 
—SF Weekly

“If you like your satire spicy, foolsFURY has a Polish bill not to be missed…three excellent performances.”
—San Francisco Bay Guardian



Alexander Lewis
Gwen Loeb
Emilie MIller

Design & Production 

Musicians – Doyle Ott, Lesley Poirier
Set Design – Rod Hipskind
Sound Design – Patrick Kaliski
Graphic Design – Wendy K. Yalom
Stage Manager – Tina Huang
Marketing – Catherine Smith