Jacques and his Master
by Milan Kundera

Adapted from a work by: Denis Diderot
Directed by: Ben Yalom
Produced by: Jacques Moyal
Dates: ????
Location: ????

Milan Kundera’s Jacques and his Master is a comedy based on the novel by 18th century French philosopher Denis Diderot. A mix of farce, literary reflection, and absurdism, the play is something like Don Quixote colliding with Waiting for Godot. Infused with Kundera’s concerns-his bittersweet, fatalistic view of the world, an obsession with sex and lust and betrayal, and most of all a fascination with the form of art itself-Jacques and his Master plays at philosophy while creating a world for clowns.

Featuring clown work by foolsFURY veterans Danny Wolohan (Jacques) and Todd Parmely (The Master), Jacques and his Master incorporated live music by musical director Todd Barker and Aaron Treat.



Todd Barker
Melissa Culross
Stephen Jacob
Jessica Jelliffe
Todd Parmley
Janet Roitz
Aaron Treat
Danny Wolohan

Design & Production 

Scenery – Elizabeth Mead
Costumes – Emily Hastings
Lighting – Alex Lopez
Music – Todd Barker and Aaron Treat
Stage Manager – Karen Largent
Graphic Design – Dao Nguyen and Julie Henslee
Photography – Reid Yalom
Set and Costume Assistance – Jason Craig and Wendy Koolpe